World Cup Prediction Games

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What’s in a Prediction Game?

Here at Fantastar we like to innovate and give our customers more choice about the types of games we offer. We’ve been running fantasy games since our founding in 2008. Fantasy games provide an excellent level of engagement but we’ve now added prediction games to our portfolio. These games involve predicting the match result or the match score.

Predict the Match Result

Think of these games like the old school ‘football pools’ where you have to predict the outcome of a game. Each match has three possible outcomes:

Team A wins (home win)
Team B wins (away win)

You score 1 point for each correct result prediction. Nice and simple.

Predict the Match Score

Here you predict the number of goals scored by team A and team B. You score points for the accuracy of your predictions as follows:

Pick one team’s correct score: 3 points
Pick both team’s correct scores: 6 points
Pick correct goal difference: 1 point
Pick correct result: 1 point
Total points potential per match: 8 points

As the tournament progresses you accumulate points which feed into an overall leader board. Our games also include leader boards for each round of matches meaning you can have prize winners all the way to the final.

If you are a company or brand that wants to run a World Cup prediction game then please contact us for a chat.