Sportgagement – engagement with your employees, customers and partners

Employee engagement image

Do you have partners or client or employees? Do you want to engage them more? Numerous studies have shown the benefits that engagement can bring to organisations but how can it be unlocked?

Sport and sporting events are almost unsurpassed in their ability to capture people’s attention, remember the Football World Cup last summer? This and other sporting events are also not just for sport lovers, the reach of sporting fever can be huge!

We, here at Fantastar, believe in Sportgagement, using sport to unlock the power of engagement. Our platform has been specifically developed to provide Fantasy and Prediction games to help our clients engage with their employees, clients and partners.

In 2018 we helped clients from a broad spectrum of businesses and needs covering engagement with employees, partners and customers. Whilst each project shared common elements there were also requirements specific to each organisation. The flexibility of the Fantastar platform enabled us to deliver quality engagement solutions meeting these requirements.

With major sporting events coming up this year including the Cricket World Cup and Rugby World Cup contact us today to start your Sportgagement journey.