Skillzy the Euro 2020 Mascot

The official mascot for Euro 2020 is ‘Skillzy’, described by UEFA as “a larger-than-life character inspired by freestyling, street and panna culture”. Skillzy was introduced to the world by British professional freestyler Liv Cooke and Tobias Becs, a Norwegian freestyle footballer.

“Being able to take the beauty of freestyling, street football and panna to fans all over Europe is a really special opportunity,” Cooke said.

“Whether it’s playing in the park or on the world stage, whether it is football or freestyling, it’s about expressing yourself with the ball at your feet.”

The mascot is part of a wider campaign by UEFA to engage more young people in next year’s tournament, with fans from across the Euro 2020 host nations being encouraged to share their skills online.

The internet’s reaction to the mascot has been mixed – our favourite observation coming from @NickMiller79
on Twitter – “Sounds like someone’s mate of a mate who shows up to fives and is really good but whose name you don’t know.”

We look forward to seeing Skillzy’s skills when the Euro 2020 Championships kick off on June 12th.

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