Customer Engagement with Fantasy Football

Good communication with your customers is crucial to the success of your business. However, marketing techniques such as email and advertising can be impersonal and a little forced.

Sports such as football have a huge reach and appeal to a wide range of people.

Studies have shown that online sports games such as fantasy football are a very effective way to engage with customers without the hard sell.

They enable your business to raise brand awareness and increase sales.

“‚Ķbrands with highly engaged customers produce 16% higher sales per customer.”

Engaged customers will bring you significant benefits including:

  1. Brand Awareness – Your brand will be aligned with your customer’s passion for sport.
  2. Increased Sales – Your products can be advertised directly from with the game.
  3. Capture Customer Data – Customers will be happy to provide their data as part of game registration.
  4. Acquire New Customers – You will build trust with the game players so they will more likely buy your products.
  5. New Revenue Streams – Team up with partner brands who could pay a fee to sponsor your game.
  6. Loyalty Scheme Integration – In-game points can be linked to your customer loyalty scheme.

We run games for many sports and events including:

English Premier League

Euro 2020 Football

Rugby World Cup

Our clients have seen significant increases in engagement so please contact us to discuss your project.