What are trump cards?
Trump cards are a bit of fun that allow you to generate sports cards that use live fantasy league stats. The stats are a snapshot from the league results and do not get dynamically updated when new results are added.
How do I create a trump card?
You can create a trump card by going to a player profile page and clicking the 'Generate' button. It is possible to upload a photo. If no photo is selected then a silhouette profile picture will be used.
How do I update a trump card?
Go to the trumps page and under the 'Fantatrump Account' section is a 'Created' link that will take you to a listing of all the trump cards you have created. Alongside each trump is an 'Update' link which allows you to update your trump card details.
How do I share a trump card?
Go the trump page and enter email(s) in the 'Email To' box then press send. This will send an email containing a hyperlink to your trump card.
Can I delete a trump card?
You can remove your trump card from public listings by updating the trump card's 'Public' flag to 'No'.