How do I make transfers?
Follow the 'Make a transfer' link from the 'My Team' page. The transfer validation rules are outlined at the top of the page. Follow the 'League rules' link to view the rules specific to the league.
When can I make transfers?
You can make transfers at any time. Transfers must be made before midnight 00:00 GMT for them to count for the following day's fixtures. When a transfer is made it will not take effect until midnight 00:00 GMT. This means that even if matches are still in progress you can make changes for subsequent fixtures without losing points for players in the current matches.
Can I make unlimited transfers before the season starts?
Yes. You can make unlimited transfers up to and including the day before the league's first fixture.
How are player valuations calculated?
A player valuation is based on their performance to date compared to players of the same position (e.g. midfielder). The valuation is known as the star rating and will be in the range of 1 to 5 stars.
What is the star rating?
The star rating is an indication of the player's value and is used as part of the transfers process. The 1 to 5 star rating ranks a player's performance compared to players of the same position.
What do I do if I experience problems making transfers?
If you cannot make transfers then it is possible that the transfer validation rules have been broken. If so then the reason will be displayed at the foot of the Transfers page when you try to save your changes. Please take note of the validation error and change your team selection appropriately.
How can I tell when I transferred players in/out of my team?
Go to the 'My Team' page and hover your mouse over the small shirt icons in the player list table at the bottom of the page. The mouseover text will reveal when that player was transferred into/out of your team.
I think I've missed out on some fantasy points. What should I do?
Usually this is because you missed the transfer deadline for a match. See above for checking transfers deadlines and viewing the exact time for when you made a player transfer.

If you still think there's a problem you'll need to direct this query to your league administrator (the person who set up the Fantastar league) who is responsible for the league results. To do this:

- Login to Fantastar
- On the Manager Home tab expand the 'League Information' section
- Click the "Contact league admin" link
- Compose your message and send - this message will then go to the league administrator