How can I find out if my club has registered with Fantastar?
If you're not sure whether your club has already registered with us then follow the 'Club Search' link on the Grassroots page. Enter at least three characters from the name of your club and press the 'Search' button. A list of matching clubs will be returned. If you wish to join the club's league then the league password will be required.
How do I register a Fantastar user account?
Follow the 'Register' link on the Grassroots page. If you wish to join your club's league and create a fantasy team then follow the 'Join League' link.
I want to join my club's league. How do I find out my club's league password?
First try contacting your league administrator directly. Otherwise, sign in using your Fantastar username and search for your club (as above). Follow the 'Join League' link in the club results list. Now enter an arbitrary password and press the 'Join League' button. The page will then provide a 'Request Password' button. Pressing the button will send an email to the club administrator informing them that you have requested the league password.
How do I join a league and create my Fantastar team?
First you need to find out the password for the league that you would like to join (see above). If you already have a Fantastar user account then sign in and follow the 'Club Search' link on the Grassroots page. Follow the link to join a league and enter the league password. Enter the name of your fantasy team and proceed to the next page to select your team.
Is there a team budget?
Yes. There is a team budget specific to the league you have joined. A player's Fantastar rating is, in essence, their value so comes into play for team selection and transfers. At the start of the season each player defaults to 3 Fantastars. As the season progresses and results are entered then a player's Fantastar rating may go up or down. Click here for more details.
How many teams can I enter?
You can enter as many teams as you like. If you'd like to add a team to the same league then sign in and follow the 'Show all my teams' link at the top of the page. This page lists all your fantasy teams and provides a 'Add Another Team' link which can be used to create another team.
How do I register as an administrator?
Follow the 'Register' link on the Grassroots page then click the 'Set up league' button when prompted.
How much does it cost?
It depends. Some of our leagues are free to enter. Some clubs use Fantastar to raise funds so there is a charge to register a fantasy team.