Mini Leagues
How do I set up a mini league?
Go to 'My Team' page and click the 'Add New Mini League' link. Choose a name for the mini league and press Save.
How do I invite my friends to the mini league?
Go to the mini league page and select the 'Invite Managers To Join' link. Enter the email addresses of the friends you'd like to invite. This will send an email link which will allow people to join your mini league.

Alternatively, copy the mini league ID from the mini league page and send it out to your friends.
How do I join a mini league?
You will need the mini league ID in order to join the mini league. Go the 'My Team' page then click the 'Join Mini League' link. Enter the mini league ID and press the 'Join Mini League' button.
Can I update a mini league?
You can update the mini league name be selecting the 'Edit Mini League Details' from the mini league page.