Dynamic Player Star Ratings
What are dynamic player star ratings?
This means that player star ratings will be recalculated every time a new result is added onto Fantastar. When new results are processed by the Fantastar Stats Engine the star ratings are updated based on the performance of the player.

The 1 to 5 Fantastar rating ranks a player's performance compared to players of the same position e.g. the top defenders will be given 5 star ratings and the bottom defenders will get 1 star ratings.

The ratings are updated every time a new result is added.
Will this have an effect on transfer options for my managers?
Yes. Although dynamic player ratings is a great feature, you need to use it carefully.

When switched on, this might promote a 1 star player immediately to a 5 star player. Some fantasy teams may then be packed with 4 and 5 players meaning that their team value goes well above the budget.

At the start of the season a number of players may share the same number of points. When the Stats Engine encounters a number of players on the same number of points then the star rating is rounded up. This may temporarily result in a disproportionate number of 4 and 5 star players. As the season progresses the player points will have a greater granularity and the star ratings will be distributed more evenly.

If a fantasy team's value goes over budget then it can remain unchanged for the next fixture and points will still be accumulated.

However, making transfers might become difficult because the manager will need to get the team value down below the budget. As an administrator the key is to set the budget at the right level. Too low and managers can't make transfers; too high and transfers become too easy and gameplay is lost.
Can I fix player star ratings?
Yes, to do this select 'NO' from the 'Recalculate Star Ratings' dropdown on the 'Edit League' page.
Can I switch on dynamic player star ratings mid-season?
Yes, you can do this anytime but be careful that you have set the team budget at the right level.