League Administration
What is the league wizard?
Fantastar League Wizard The league wizard provides an easy step-by-step guide to setting up your fantasy league. It's as easy as 1-2-3! Once your league is set up then click the close button Close wizard and you can switch the league wizard off. You can switch the wizard back on using the 'Switch On/Off' link on the 'League' tab.
How do I add members?
Go to the 'Admin Home' tab and follow the link at the top of the page to add members. Once you have entered club members then you can create the league and teams and allocate members to each team.
How do I create a league?
Go to the 'Admin Home' tab and follow the link at the top of the page to add a new league.
How do I decide the points scoring measures?
When you create a new league then select the league type. The points scoring measures will be displayed for the selected league type. Click here to view Fantastar's standard points scoring measures.
How do I create league teams?
Once you've added a league then go to the 'League' tab and follow the link under 'League Teams' to add a new team. Once you've added the team then clicking on the team name will display the 'Team Details' page. From this page you can add members to the team.
What is the player star rating?
The player star rating is an indication of the player's value and is used as part of the transfers process.
Can I change the player star rating?
Yes, when you set up your league you can set the star rating to be anything between 1 and 5 stars.
How are player star ratings recalculated?
Read this help section for further information.
What happens to the player star ratings when the league starts?
It's up to you. You can fix the player star ratings so that they do not change at all from the start of the league. Alternatively, you can enable the automatic recalculation of star ratings. This means that when new results are processed by the Fantastar Stats Engine the star ratings are updated based on the performance of the player. The 1 to 5 Fantastar rating ranks a player's performance compared to players of the same position e.g. the top defenders will be given 5 star ratings and the bottom defenders will get 1 star ratings. The ratings are updated every time a result is processed.

You can change the way player ratings are handled from the 'Edit League' page (accessed from the 'League' tab).
How do I invite people to join the league and register their fantasy teams?
Go to the 'Managers' tab and enter one or more email addresses into the 'Email Address' textbox. Clicking 'Send' will send out emails inviting the recipients to join your league. The email will contain the league password that is required when joining the league.
Are there free transfers at the start of the season?
Yes. Managers can make unlimited transfers up to and including the day before the league's first fixture. Note - we recommend that you enter the season's first fixtures onto the system well in advance so that the free transfer period expires on the correct date.
How do I enter results?
Go to the 'Fixtures/Results' tab. Click the link at the top of the page to add a new fixture. Once a fixture has been added then click on the fixture to display the 'Fixture Details' page. From here it is possible to add the individual scorers for the fixture.
Can others enter results?
Fantastar Assistants can enter results on behalf of the Admin thus making it even easier to run your league. Go to the 'Assistants' tab. Click the link at the top of the page to invite new assistants to your league, typically these will be the team captains. An email will be sent containing all the details for them to register as assistants for your league. Once registered they will be able to add\update fixtures for the teams you have allocated to them. The Admin will need to approve any changes made by the assistants before they are processed by the Fantastar stats engine. The status of each fixture can be seen by going to the 'Fixtures/Results' tab. To Approve\UnApprove any fixture click on the link at the top of the page. Any fixtures added\updated by the Admin are automatically approved.
How do assistants add new players?
Adding\update\removing players from the league is an Admin activity to avoid any mistakes being made. If an assistant needs to make any player changes such as adding a new player they should use the notes feature. A note can be added to a fixture via the Fixture Details page. A summary of the number of notes can be seen next to each fixture by going to the 'Fixtures/Results' tab.
What if I have players who play in more than one team (e.g. 1st XI and 2nd XI)?
Not a problem. When you enter the player appearances for a result select the 'Other Teams' link and this will display all the players in your league. This allows you to (say) add a 2nd XI player to a 1st XI result.
What is the Fantastar Stats Engine?
When results are added, updated or deleted then the Fantastar Stats Engine updates all your league statistics, e.g. fantasy team points, player points, manager leaderboard.
How and when are the points/statistics generated?
When results are added, updated or deleted then the league points and statistics will be updated when the Fantastar Stats Engine runs. The date/time for the next scheduled running of the Fantastar Stats Engine is displayed in the right pane of the 'Fixs/Results' tab.
When does the Fantastar Stats Engine run?
The Fantastar Stats Engine runs overnight (GMT), every day of the week. The Stats Engine will process all approved results.
My results are ready to be processed - what do I do now?
When your results are in then go to the 'Fixs/Results' tab and press the 'Ok, I'm done' button. The following page allows you to tell us that the results are ready to be processed by the stats engine. Choose 'Yes' then save. This page also allows you to request for league stats emails to be sent to your managers. Your results will now be processed when the stats engine next runs.
Can I send out league stats email bulletins to my managers?
Yes. Fantastar can send out email bulletins to your managers which contain details of how well the manager is doing as well as the top ten managers. To request an email bulletin to be sent out then click the 'Ok, I'm done' button on the right side of the 'Fixs/Results' tab. On the following page you can choose for a bulletin to be sent. The bulletins will be emailed out to your managers the next time the stats engine runs.
How do I correct score errors?
At the bottom of the 'Fixtures/Results' tab is a list of 'processed fixtures'. These are the fixtures that have been processed by the Fantastar Stats Engine. To correct a scoring error then click on the fixture and make the necessary amendment. The points/stats will be corrected the next time the Fantastar Stats Engine runs.
I have created more than one league. How do I switch between them?
When you log in as a administrator there is some text at the top of the page: 'Your active league is: xxxx'. Next to the text is a 'Show all my leagues' link. Clicking on this link will display a page containing a list of all your leagues. You can change your active league for the session by clicking on the 'Set' button for the appropriate league.

The default league is the league that is active by default when you log in next time. You may change your default league from this page as well.
What happens at the end of the season?
A Fantastar season is valid for one year after which your data will be archived. Historical data will be available when you register your league for the following season.
Can I transfer teams and players from an old league to a new league?
Yes you can. We can do this on your behalf so contact the Fantastar Team and this can be arranged. Note - we can only copy teams and players (and star ratings) if the old league and new league are based on the same league type (e.g. 'Field Hockey I').
How do I remove a manager team?
Go to the 'Table' tab. Click the 'Remove' link next to the manager team to be removed. Clicking this link will display the 'Remove Team' page. From here it is possible to permanently remove the manager team from the league. Any reclassification of team positions will occur the next time the Fantastar Stats Engine runs for your league.
Can I transfer the administrator rights to another person?
Yes you can. Please contact the Fantastar Team and this can be arranged. Let us know the Fantastar login (email address) of the new administrator.
Any other features I should know about?
Yes. Check out the administrator top tips.