League Administrator Tips
Congratulations! By now, you should have set up your fantasy league as per our Getting Started Guide. So what next? Well, there are many cool features that will make an administrator's life so much easier...
A little help from your assistants
An assistant (normally the team captain) can enter results on Fantastar each week on behalf of the administrator. Once entered, the administrator needs to approve the results and Fantastar does the rest! You can manage your assistants on the 'Assistants' tab. More info »
Getting the results in
You can prompt your assistants to enter their results on that Monday morning by using the contact all assistants feature on the 'Assistants' tab. If you're awaiting the result for a particular fixture then click on the fixture from the 'Fixs/Results' tab and use the chaser email feature on the right side of the page to contact the relevant assistant(s).
Made a mistake?
Not a problem! Click on the result, make the correction and all the points will be recalculated when the Fantastar stats engine next runs.
Update league settings
You can change the default league settings (such as the prize text, transfer budget, maximum number of transfers) from the 'League' tab.
Create your own fantasy team
So you're the administrator? You'll probably want join the fun and create your own fantasy team. You can register as a manager under your existing Fantastar account from the 'Managers' tab. You can switch between your manager and administrator roles using the 'Show all my roles' link in the top right corner of the page.
League announcements
Every league gets their own private forum as part of the deal. Click on the 'Talk' tab. You can make league announcements (such as team of the month, etc) in the Admin Announcments section. The latest announcement will be displayed as a news item at the top of the 'News Feed' tab so managers will see it the next time they log in!
Contact all managers
You can also email all your managers at the click of a button from the 'Managers' tab.
Weekly stats email bulletins
Fantastar can send out email bulletins to your managers which contain details of how well the manager is doing as well as the top ten managers. To request an email bulletin to be sent out then click the 'Ok, I'm done' button on the right side of the 'Fixs/Results' tab. On the following page you can choose for a bulletin to be sent. The bulletins will be emailed out to your managers the next time the stats engine runs.
League reports
Share the results of your fantasy league by creating reports ideal for putting on club or school noticeboards. Pick and choose the contents of your league report e.g. top managers, top players, top defenders. Reports can be generated for a particular month or over the course of the whole season. To generate a report use the 'Generate league report' button from the 'League' tab.
Website widget
Display the fantasy manager leaderboard directly on your website using our website widget. Go to the 'League' page and follow the 'Website Widget' link. This page will give you a preview of what the widget will look like. To display the widget on your website copy the html code (at the bottom of the page) into your website's code (you will need to contact your webmaster to do this). The fantasy manager leaderboard will be dynamically updated when new results are processed.