Field Hockey VI

Fantastar Features

Team Selection

 Your fantasy team must be made up of 11 players containing:

1 x goalkeeper (GLK)
4 x defenders (DEF)
4 x midfielders (MID)
2 x strikers (STR)

 You have unlimited transfers up to the first fixture.

 You must transfer a player the day before the match for that player to score any points in that match.

How do I score points?

A Goalkeeper will score:

10 points for every goal.
10 points for every clean sheet.
4 points for conceding only 1 goal.
2 points for conceding only 2 goals.
-1 points for every goal conceded.

A Defender will score:

5 points for every goal.
7 points for every clean sheet.
3 points for conceding only 1 goal.
1 point for conceding only 2 goals.
-1 point for every goal conceded.

A Midfielder will score:

4 points for every goal.
1 point for every clean sheet.

A Striker will score:

3 points for every goal.

All Players will score:

1 point for every appearance.
2 points for every win.
-3 points for every green card.
-5 points for every yellow card.
-10 points for every red card.
5 points for every man of the match award.
-1 point for every thanks for coming award.
2 points for umpiring.

Rule Variations

 Field Hockey I - Our standard field hockey league.
1-4-4-2 formation.
 Field Hockey II - Field hockey league.
1-4-3-3 formation.
 Field Hockey III - Field hockey league with extras such as win bonus and umpiring bonus. 1-4-4-2 formation.
 Field Hockey IV - Field hockey league with win/draw/loss bonus.
1-4-4-2 formation.
 Field Hockey V - Field hockey league variation. 1-4-4-2 formation.
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